Empoderando Refugiadas (English version)

Since its creation, over six years, more than 250 women have participated in the initiative, the result of an investment in training, employability and interiorization of families. The project – with editions held in São Paulo (SP) and Boa Vista (RR) – also focuses on valuing diversity and inclusion, and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), promoting their achievement with the private sector.

Among the pillars of the project are the appreciation of diversity and inclusion. Throughout its history, the Empowering Refugees project has had entire classes dedicated to women with disabilities, chronic diseases and special needs.


Discover some of the results achieved by the Empowering Refugees project since 2015:

  • 316 women trained by the project
  • 147 women employed through the project
  • 260 people interiorized
  • + R$ 960 thousand invested in training, employability and internalization

Contact the Empowering Refugees project team for more information about partnerships, results and other editions of the project.